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Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss

Jennifer Hudson survived Hollywood despite being plus-sized.  To be able to make it in a world where size 6 is too heavy is already a big achievement.  But the diva showed no qualms about her weight and her talent shone.

Jennifer Hudson weight loss attracted so much attention because nobody expected the singer-actress to do it especially since she has received rave reviews and awards on her performances as a plus-size actress.  But she did lose the weight and she did it in front of the public eye.

How Did She Do It ?jennifer-hudson-2016-ppcorn

Jennifer Hudson joined the ‘Weight Watchers’ and totally changed her lifestyle especially her eating habits.  She stopped dieting and decided to know her food and make healthy choices.  She eats whatever she fancies but eats in small portions.  She also now understands her body and how it reacts to different foods that she eats so she is more aware of what food can do and how to control it.  She cooks her own meals most of the time and buys organic food.

Jennifer Hudson also tried the Beyonce Lemonade diet, although it was only for a short period of time.  Jennifer Hudson credits ‘Weight Watchers’ on her weight loss.  With ‘Weight Watchers’ she became more aware about her body, food and exercise.  The Weight Watchers’ program helped her create a meal plan and a workout regimen that will work for her.  After she gave birth, she worked out for 45 minutes every day.

Weight Watchers is known for being very involved with their members.  They were closely monitoring Jennifer’s progress and corrected her when she strays from the program.  It was not a smooth process for the singer-actress especially at the start.  That is the good thing about Weight Watchers though, their members get all the support they need from their community that they get motivated to continue and finish the program.  From body analysis to meal planning, grocery list and restaurant choices to work out routines and many others.  They also have regular meetings so you can monitor your progress and share tips and experiences with other members.  It is a one big community where everyone helps each other out to reach their weight loss goals.

Hiring a Trainer54feb9738645a-0212-jennifer-hudson-on-couch-xl

Jennifer Hudson hired Hayley Pasternak as her personal trainer.  With Hayley Pasternak’s guidance, Jennifer Hudson was able to balance her food intake and her energy consumption.  Hudson does not believe in cutting too much on food.  She loves food and sometimes indulges herself.  She just makes sure that she burns all the calories after eating.       If not busy with work, she usually wakes up at four in the morning to walk and run for an hour.  She also made it a habit to work out regularly even with her busy schedule.  Having a small child to follow around and play with also helped her shed the weight.

Jennifer Hudson is one living proof that one does not need a magic pill to lose weight.  It is all about discipline and determination.